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Valve Services

Types of Repair Service:

  1. Valve assessment, functional testing and calibration

  2. Valve maintenance

  3. Valve repairs

  4. Installation/Removal of Valves


This service includes all brands of hydraulic control valves, air valves, check and butterfly valves.

Where required, confined space equipment, documentation and traffic control provided.  Confined space procedures followed at all times.

Construction Plans


Training Classes Available Are:

   1. Hydraulic Control Valves

       (Worth 0.5 CEU's) 

   2. Plant & Distribution Valves.

       (Worth 0.5 CEU's)

   3. Hands-on Hydraulic Control Repair           (Worth 0.5 CEU's)

   4. Hand-on Air Valve Maintenance

       (Worth 0.5 CEU's)

Training can be arranged to accommodate your team's schedule. 

Pre-Assembled Station & Chamber Design 

Services Offered Are:

  1. Working with your team, development of custom station/chamber design

  2. Water-tight steel/epoxy or Pre-cast concrete chamber designs stamped by a PEO 

  3. Station footprint and budgetary pricing.

  4. Determination of station/ chamber requirements (power, genset, venting etc.) 

Linear System Services

Services Included:

  1. Free web-based platform for tracking all hydraulic control valves in a system with locations, set points, pictures, schematics, narratives and more

  2. Creation of dimensional drawings of existing piping/layout

  3. Recommendations re: piping and/or valve upgrades

  4. Removal & Replacement of chamber piping and valves

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